20 Liter Barrel With Lid


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Our miniature barrels are handmade and have a lid on top that makes this a unique, shabby-chic storage container.

Some suggested uses are for cat or dog treats, workshop/garage supplies, candy or other pantry sundries, piggy bank, tip jar for musicians or bartenders, or use it as a trash can in a bathroom, bedroom, den, office or guest room. This is also large enough to use for cards and envelopes in lieu of a card box at medium/large weddings, mitsvahs, birthday parties, and other events.

Each order is for ONE barrel.

Specs vary piece to piece as they are handmade:
weight 11 lbs
volume 20 liters
barrel height 15", height with lid on 16"
at widest bilge 12"
width at base/top 11"
lid hole diameter 8.5" or larger