Planter FAQ

How can I remove one end of my decorative barrel at home? 

Trust me ladies, you do not need a man's help with this. Grab a husky hammer, preferably a sledge type. Set your barrel flat side down on the ground, outside is best. Give the center of the flat side that is facing you a forceful hit with the hammer. This sometimes takes a few tries as they are made strongly. After one or a few hits you will see the wood on top start to split but it comes out very cleanly and does not compromise the other wood within the barrel. 

Oh no! The rings came loose on my barrel...what now?

No big deal! The nature of wood is to expand and retract with pressure, environment, moisture absorption and surrender. This is a very easy fix. Simply put the ring back and secure it in place with a flat head screwdriver or something of similar shape, a couple taps towards the wider part of the barrel should do. 

Do planter barrels have holes at the bottom for drainage?

Our planter barrels do not have hole at the bottom. However, because they are made from oak, leakage is natural through the tiny cracks where the head of the barrel meet the sides. Leakage will happen fairly minimally, but depending on where you have your barrel you may want to have a water tray underneath it. 

Are planter barrels okay for outdoor use?

Yes! We recommend opting for the weather treatment from us for applying a clear coated wood sealant to your barrel once you receive it. The barrel however is not completely weather resistant as it is made of wood and metal. We advise to keep your treated barrel covered from moderate to heavy rain climates. Also please note that with temperature increases and decreases the wood will swell and recede which can affect the tightness of the rings. See FAQ about loose rings if you encounter an issue here.