Decorative Barrels

Our handmade decorative Baby Barrels are uniquely designed for use as planters, flowerpots, home/office storage, and can be customized for weddings or other events as table centerpieces, floral arrangement lifts, card boxes and recognition gifts.  They also make great tip jars for bars, restaurants, and musicians.

Barrels with lids are also available in select sizes, and are popularly used as bard boxes at weddings.  They are also perfect for storage: writing instruments at your desk, cooking utensils in the kitchen, candy and snacks in common rooms, hand tools in the garage, dog and cat treats in the pantry, toiletries in the restroom, packaging for gifts - and all can be custom engraved for the perfect look!

.5 L 5.25 x 4.25 x 4 in.
1L 6.5 x 5.25 x 4.5 in.
2L 7.25 x 6 x 5.5 in.
3L 8 x 6.5 x 6 in.
5L 10 x 8 x 6.5 in.
10L 12 x 10 x 8 in.
20L 12 x 12 x 10.5 in.


Please note: each barrel is handmade in small batches: wood color, grain, density and burnability varies batch to batch, and even barrel to barrel, as well as metal band location and thickness, and engraving area, size, depth, tone, and position may also vary.