Baby Barrels add-on gift partnerships

Portland Bitters Project (PBP) was born in Autumn, 2013.  Since then, they've been hard at work creating cocktail bitters and herbal tinctures.  These make a great add-on to Baby Barrels for aging.



Mooks' Boards

 Joshua Owen - the maker of Mooks' Boards - is a woodworker and bartender based in Portland, Or.  He works with sustainable Northwest hardwoods for all of his projects, and always make a both beautiful and functional complement to a Baby Barrel in your kitchen or bar.  



Oak Spirals

 The Barrel Mill® is a cooperage in Central Minnesota specializing in Premium Wine Barrels and Infusion Spirals. Their products are made from fine Oak, hand-selected and aged to perfection.  Infusion spirals are a terrific starting point for those new to mixology and spirit aging.